4pvd Calculator

Tool Diameter [mm]:

Tool Length [mm]:

Minimum Tool Distance [mm]:

Substrate Table Diameter [mm]:

Planetary Table Diameter [mm]:

No. of Planetary Tables:

Usable Coating Height [mm]:

Colt, 2 axle:

Colt 3 axle:

Nova, no axle:

Nova, planetary, no axle:

Nova, 2 axle:

Nova, 3 axle:

Sphere, 2 axle:

Sphere, 3 axle:



This small calculator is part of our calculation tools, which we use to check out our fixture sets. This one is useful for drills, mills and similar tools.

Put in the dimensions of your tools and from your coating system, and you will get a rough idea, how many tools will fit in your system with 4pvd fixtures.

A trial version of our batch calculation sheet is available for download here

The complete calculation sheet based on Microsoft EXCEL or a customized calculator you may receive upon request.


PVD batch of drills