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Welcome to our product catalogue. We do offer a variety of fixtures for PVD coating systems. This is a short overview about our standard fixture program:

4pvd nova fixtures
[nova series] - Tool holders
nova are designed for drills mills, punches, etc. especially if the coating mainly shall be applied to the tip of the tools. At low cost nova offers high utilization of the chamber and the vapor, extreme reliability and good coating quality.

4pvd colt fixture 
[colt series] - Tool holders
colt are designed for difficult applications especially for tools with extended working zone as hobs, taps, reamers, etc.. At moderate cost colt fixtures create coatings within narrow tolerances. colt is the most flexible fixture system and extremely economical especially at lower coating thickness.

4pvd sphere fixture
 [sphere series] - Tool holder
sphere offer highest quality and utilization of the chamber and the vapor, especially if tools have to be coated at the tip and at the circumference. sphere achieves high film thickness at the cutting edges with in short time. Shafts and fixtures receive only little coating.

4pvd boxer fixtures
 [boxer series] - Tool holder
boxer are designed for tools with functional faces on both ends. Boxer guarantees highest quality on all functional surfaces, without running two cycles, without damaging the cutting edges and without wasting the usable space in the chamber.


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