Training 2006

4pvd Training Program

for PVD 2006

Surface Technology

Basics and applications of organic and inorganic films and surface treatments:
Hardening, Nitriding, Phosphating, Anodizing, Galvanizing, melt bath coating, painting, etc.


Overview Thin Film Technology

Development and Position of Sputter Technology
Market screening Job Coating and Equipment
Process categories, Variations
ARC vs. Sputtering

Coatings and Applications

Requirements for PVD coatings
Overview PVD / CVD available coatings
Market share and penetration
Upcoming trends


Cleaning and Pre-treatment

Mechanical and chemical cleaning
Polishing, blasting, de-burring
Machines for cleaning and pre-treatment
Post-treatment of PVD coatings


Vacuum Technology

Basics of Vacuum Technology
Pressure ranges, molecular stream
Evaporation and Condensation
Sorption, Desorption, Degassing

Materials in Vacuum Technology

Stainless Steel
Ferritic Steel
Non Ferrous Materials
Aluminium Alloys
Copper Alloys
Titanium and Alloys
Molybdenium, Tungsten, Inconel
Graphite, Ceramics, Others


Vacuum measurement

Mechanical systems
Thermal systems
Ionisation vacuum meter
Combined systems
Vacuum measurement workaround

Vacuum Pumps

Mechanical pumps
Membrane pumps
Rotary pumps
Roots pumps
Turbo pumps
Diffusion pumps
Leak detection

Substrate arrangements

Basics of substrate arrangements
Film thickness distribution
Technical solutions


Sputter technology

Basics of sputter technology (Plasma)
Heating systems
Plasma cleaning
Substrate tables and fixtures
Maintenance of coating systems

Analytics of Thin Films

Micro hardness
Micro structure
Other analytics

Maintenance of PVD Systems

Deposition inside the vacuum chamber
Deposition in cooling pipes
Moving parts in the vacuum chamber